About us!

We produce and market special single-origin coffees from the Colombian coffee region, a territory listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This is how we contribute to preserving the legacy our grandparents left us. Ariago is 100% Colombian Coffee that represents the Colombian families that created a way of life around coffee since 1930 .

We grow our coffee directly on the Los Álamos farm , which allows us to control quality from seed to cup. Our coffee is processed by hand as our ancestors did, it is picked by hand, carefully selected and dried in the sun. Likewise, we apply advanced fermentation techniques that, together with an optimal roasting temperature, extract the best from each bean.

Finca Los Álamos: the home of our coffee.

  • Location: Quindío, Colombia
  • Average temperature: 21°C. (69°F)
  • Height: 1550mt
  • Production Season: We have coffee production throughout the year! But we have a higher production from April to June and from October to December.