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Our uncle Luis Ángel Gómez Gómez arrived to Quindío state, searching for better opportunities in this unexplored region, He started working as a muleteer (he transported coffee in mules), which for that time was the most important form to transport and to communicate between regions.

Luis Ángel brought 6 of his 13 siblings, between them was our grandmother Adelina , for them to build their life in these beautiful and fértil quindian lands. Adelina was a virtuous, brave and hardworking woman that together with her siblings gave start to those coffee roots.

The Gomez Gomez family started to buy land and they cultivated coffee. Like this, they had bussinesses of coffee in the city of Armenia and Pijao, turning themselves into one of the most representable coffee families in the region.

Maria Teresa Gómez Gómez (Daughter of Adelina) and Rafael Arias Sánchez, got married in Pijao Quindío. They are parents of 4 children: Claudia, Rafael, Francisco and Sandra, who undertook the Ariago project.

Rafael and María Teresa, bought La Finca Los Alamos, they have worked on that land for over 30 years. Their nobility, hard work, love and wisdom is what today allows Ariago to offer a very special coffee.

UNESCO declared the region of Quindío, Caldas and Risaralda as a world heritage site. Because of the unique way in the world in which thousands of families such as the Gomez family managed to combine cultural, economic and environmental elements around coffee.

The Arias Gómez family decided to directly market the coffee produced under the Ariago brand.

Ariago expands its production capacity at its Finca Los Alamos and concentrates only on specialty coffees.

Los Álamos

It is a traditional coffee farm where Grandpa Rafa lives, who day by day teach us his knowledges. It is a colorful, mountainous place, with very fertile volcanic soils, located at an average height of 1550mt in the town of Circasia Quindío.


Ariago is 100% committed to the environment.
  • We plant native trees in the Colombian coffee region and
    applying ecological process.

  • Our packaging is 80% biodegradable, made out of corn plastic
    and cane paper.

  • We support coffee families, improving their income, creating jobs with fair remuneration.

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